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Only one thing that is "must have" for every start ups, business, organization, or any kind of the association, it is a website. I will design and build elegant and structurally organized website that will enable you to expand your market and to reach new users / customers.

Even if you are not a business owner, certain professional need website as well. Let's say if you were, or you are working your way to become, a model or an actor / actress, or an artist, or any kind of freelancer, you simply must have website. I will create website that will introduce you and your talents to outer world.

Regardless your geographical location or the size of your business, or if you were offering services or selling products, or if were an entrepreneur or already grown business, or if you were simply gathering people around any course, I can stand by you in the process of building website that will leave the door open for new opportunities.

Website is far the cheapest way to market you business. I will create for you a responsive website that is adaptable for all devices using the newest web technologies at an affordable price.

Let’s talk outside the business side or any other "money making" motivated needs and think about something beautiful. Imagine that you are getting married soon, isn’t it a great idea to have wedding website beautifully designed that holds presentation of the history of your relationship and once the wedding is behind you it would be great to have a designated place to post a time line with events, photos and comments. I can design a wedding website for you and not just that I will design matching wedding invitations, menus, place cards, program, table numbers, seating chart posters, signs, thank you cards, and much more that will help you and will leave an unique touch at a fair price.
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Let me please introduce myself

Some of people that met me say that I am multitalented and multitasking geek. I can tell you about myself that for the last 15 years my main hobby was various web and mobile technologies. I am ambitious problem solver with a passion for online businesses and a highly motivated and resourceful employee with 18 years experience. My previous jobs were evolving me in all aspects of business cycle. This broad experience allows me to understand the business process and its need for flexibility and adjustability towards new technologies. I am a hard working, an out-going and me-too person and I work effectively both on my own and as a part of a team.

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Search Engine Optimization, Identifying technical solutions, Client facing skills, Troubleshooting, JavaScript, Web graphics, Bug fixing, Building templates, Ps – Ai – Dw Adobe suit, Maintaining data integrity, Building functionality, Web application development, Mobile applications

PERSONAL SKILLS: Creative thinker, Imaginative, Energetic, Deadline led, Initiative, Attention to details, Innovative, Tactful & articulate, Problem solving, Reliable, Team player, Project management, Analytical

BEST NEWS: Soon to be dad :) cheers

Why Choose Me?

Outsourcing a professional and highly motivated freelancer, like myself, brings a lot of benefits for you:

  • Hiring me will keep your business fresh. Your staff will eventually develop similar ways of thinking by talking about the same project, and start to take on each others’ ideas.
  • Choosing me is choosing work-ready talent with specific skills that will save you money and time invested in schooling and trainings full time employee.
  • Moreover, with payroll being a huge chunk of fixed costs for businesses, hiring me (freelancer) allows you business to convert them into variable costs.
  • I am absolutely motivated and passionate about my business just like you are about yours, so you can be sure I'll deliver.
  • I gained a lot of experience working with a lot of different businesses.
  • I work out of my home, so I do not charge big overhead costs. That is why I can offer cheap rates at high professional standards.
  • Far the best benefit of hiring me is that you pay me only when you are satisfied with my work, so please give me a small test.
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